so good news everyone, this script just got an upgrade and guess what? everything has changed . check it out

Email: [email protected]

Pass: demodemo


user: booya

pass: demodemo


Phone & Email verification on registration – Can be Enabled/Disabled from Admin

Email & Phone notification when matched to GH. PH. Rematch. or when flagged fake POP. etc

Auto rematch (when a transaction is timed out. the unpaid member transaction goes back to GH list for a rematch manual/auto rematch while the defaulter automatically blocked)

No registration with same bank info. phone number or email in the system

In-Active users are blocked automatically. can also be unblocked by the admin

Recommitment: Recommit same amount or higher and get confirmed before a user will be eligible to GH total meant to receive

User can not PH amount that is lower than initial PH amount

Credibility Core: On-time users receive more credit which is in-turn can be withdrawn via GH request once payout amount is reached

Manual Merging by the AdminAuto Merging – Can be Enabled/Disabled

Automatically detect user or participant’s location – admin can see each participant’s location without them manually enter their location. This to limit users entering fake location

Automatic transaction currency switcher – That is admin can decide to change transaction currency from US Dollar to EuroTestimonial: users are prompted to give testimony after GH which will be reviewed – published or deleted by admin

Credibility: users are rewarded for writing testimony- picture upload- On Time PH payment – etc

Referral: referral program

Very unique interface

Content Management – admin can update static pages without touching the code – about us- how it works- terms – etc.

Administrator have total control of the entire system from settings such as minimum PH- GH- Percentage- Duration- Timer- etc

There are so many other features*